Hendrick Automotive

Cary, NC

Multiple lighting companies submitted proposals to light the Cary showroom but, ultimately, Hendrick chose Genesys, a company that has already performed energy efficient lighting retrofits at over 45 Hendrick Automotive locations across the Southeast. Genesys managed the installation of both gHID retrofits and new LED downlights to replace the aging standard HID lights that ineffectively lit the showroom.

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Talleyrand Marine Terminal

Jacksonville, FL

The Genesys project team worked with Talleyrand to retrofit their 100’ high mast poles replacing 1000W high pressure sodium lights with the Genesys gHID 320W solution. The energy savings were over 70%. The overall light quality was measurably improved without disrupting business, wasting unnecessary materials, or incurring the prohibitive costs associated with other energy efficient lighting technologies.

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