What is gHID?

Genesys developed gHID in response to the common pain points of HID users, such as short lamp and ballast life, light degradation, and the annoying hum of magnetic ballasts.

The main improvements of gHID over conventional HID are:

gHID ballasts operate at an ultra high frequency (over 100,000 Hz) compared to standard HID ballasts at 60 Hz. This means standard HID ballasts send 120 pulses of electricity through a lamp per second and, even though that sounds fast, it’s why you see a flicker on most slow motion sports footage or video. The light is actually turning ‘on’ and ‘off’ repeatedly because the gases inside the lamp have time to become unexcited between pulses of electricity. However, operating at over 100,000 Hz, gHID technology keeps lamp gases permanently excited and ‘on’ so there’s never a flicker (see a demonstration video here). Essentially, gHID’s high frequency increases light output which allows lower wattage lamps to replace higher wattage lamps and still produce similar quality light, while providing meaningful energy savings.

gHID Products

Genesys offers a wide array of gHID products ranging from 70W to 400W with energy savings up to 75%.

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gHID Applications

From auto dealerships to warehousing, gHID technology can be used in many different industries.

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If you have any questions regarding our gHID technology make sure to check out our frequently asked questions.

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